elodieO is a staple of the New York City LES/Nublu electro scene that nurtured Kudu and The Brazilian Girls. Her sound is an elegant mix of 60's Nico-esque pop and 90's golden era trip-hop and down-tempo. Stubborn is a brilliant and complex album that is a suitable soundtrack for both a night on the town, and, the more intimate activities that often follow.

Originally from Paris, elodieO sings, composes and arranges all the music on Stubborn with the exception of two re-arranged songs of by Serge Gainsbourg and The Cure. The album features guest spots from several internationally know artists, including Aaron and Jesse of the Brazilian Girls.

elodieO toured the US and CANADA (20 dates) in the winter 2008 to promote the release of her album Stubborn released on Mullatapop records in the fall 2008. The tour was sponsored by the French music Office and Hotel Indigo. In 2009 elodieO has been working on her new album which will come out with a concept DVD telling a story through her songs. This past year, elodieO has also had great success playing some US festivals. She had the honor to participate in French pop Legend Serge Gainsbourg's tribute in Boston, where she shared the bill with Lulu and Bamboo Gainsbourg.

Over the last years, elodieO has worked tirelessly to perform live to crowds across Europe (5 Euro tours ), Canada, and the USA. Her cinematic live sound unites eclectic world music and urban electronic elements with her unique & sophisticated stage performance, all backed up by an exceptionally tight groovy band from NYC .